We are a “Job Shop”. We build parts to our customers prints and specifications. We work with both steel rule dies and punch press dies and have up to 60-Ton punch press capability. We have both rigid and non-rigid, including many UL recognized materials.

Our customer base includes many Fortune 500 companies who manufacture electrical distribution apparatus, lighting products, appliances and outdoor yard products.

We can grow with your company and evolve to meet your changing needs. Our strength and continued growth in the industry is a result of our interest in helping our customers make their products better and increasing our customer’s bottom line.

If a die cut part is what you need, we can provide it.


Neoprene, Polypropylene,Valox

Nylon, UHMW and more Formex

Cork, EPDM, Silicone, Nomex, Nitrile

Fish Paper, Glass Polyester




Rubber, Sponges, Mylar

Vulcanized Rubber

Inventory Control

We can help you develop an inventory system to meet your specific needs, and we understand the need to have parts at the assembly line on time, every time.  With blanket orders, we will keep your parts in stock in our inventory.

We work with numerous inventory systems including:


Demand Flow


Just in Time

Stock Watch