Necessity Requires Invention

Southern Assembly & Packaging was started in a garage in 1993 when a customer asked us if we could provide a new service, and we responded with a new company. By 1996, Southern Assembly & Packaging had become its own division of McPherson Manufacturing and required its own facility to accommodate service demand, and we are continuing to grow.

We offer our customers a means to reduce their costs by giving them specialized assembly services as well as streamlined purchasing and parts tracking processes.

Our services free our customers to focus on final product assembly by outsourcing more and more of their labor intensive, less automated (hand) sub-assembly work. This is especially true in facilities that have high, fully burdened labor rates and want to redirect their work force, or that need additional floor space for final production.

One Source, Many Skills
At Southern Assembly & Packaging, our services are designed to meet the changing needs of the OEM manufacturing industry. We provide mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly services as well as automated bagging and component packaging services. We offer both labor-only and total purchased component assembly and sub-assembly. We also supply complete inspection, re-cartoning and disassembling services for manufacturers with returned and recycled inventory products from wholesalers and retailers across the country. We can work with you to meet new needs with and efficient and cost-effective solution.

Southern Assembly & Packaging’s services have resulted in tremendous cost savings for OEM manufacturers, allowing our customers to profit from our capabilities by reducing their purchasing and inventory costs. Our competitive outsource labor rates subsequently reduce our customers’ costs of manufacturing. In addition, our professional, highly skilled labor force is located in the Southeastern United States, saving our customers the hassle and cost of off-shore sourcing of these services.

Why Southern Assembly & Packaging
Simply put, our commitment to you:

Skilled Assembly Services

Assembly Knowledge                                                                                 

Highly Skilled labor Force

Competitive Wage Scale

Southeastern U.S. Based Facility


Complete Contract Manufacturing

At Southern Assembly & Packaging, in addition to our assembly services, we can also provide complete contract manufacturing services.
These services include component purchasing, assembly, inspection, packaging, labeling, inventorying and shipping.
Issue one purchase order for one or numerous product releases and we do the rest.  From our plant to your customer!

Assembly Services




Labor Only or Complete Component Purchasing

Our purchase component program saves our customers overhead costs, purchasing costs, inventory costs, freight costs and receiving and inspection costs.

Packaging Services


Heat Seal

Heat Seal

Component and Parts Bagging

Fully Automated Packaging

High and Low Volume

Bar Code Capability

Kanban Capability

Disassembling and Repackaging of Returned Goods Inventory




Component Recovery for Returned  or Damaged Inventory
Need more floor space? Don’t build a new plant!  Outsource your sub-assembly to Southern Assembly & Packaging.