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McPherson Manufacturing is celebrating more than 24 years of being one of the fabrication leaders in the Southeast. We are proud of our achievements, and are excited about the challenges and opportunities that the 21st century will bring.

Our customers have found that we truly are a one source fabricator. We provide die cutting and stamping services to a broad customer base. Our services are enhanced by our ability to fabricate parts from a wide range of materials. Having both punch press and steel rule die press capabilities allows us to produce not only soft sponge gaskets, but also hard, rigid parts as well.

Stamping , Die-Cutting , Punching , Slitting , Assembly , Shearing , Drilling

Fast, Cost Effective Contract Manufacturing , Simple Assemblies to Turnkey Product Programs

Die-Cutting of Non-metallic Material , Gaskets , Diaphragms , Seals , O'Rings , Material Application Engineering , Specialty Products , Custom Packaging

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